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Meet the
Nutrivore Chef

Personal Private Chef Services in Denver for Special Diets and Health-Conscious Living

As a young child, I struggled with severe allergies and asthma. I was rarely seen without a tissue in hand. I was on another round of antibiotics every few months. I even ended up in the hospital a few times due to asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

Thankfully, my parents put me on a cleaner diet when I was five. Before long, I stopped needing my inhaler. My childhood became a happier one thanks to the food I ate. I still have a few lingering allergies, but now I live a full, symptom-free daily life. For that, I am very grateful.

As an adult, I developed a love of cooking with real food and getting creative in the kitchen. That’s why I created The Nutrivore Chef: to honor health and joy in eating and living. The recipes here are full of nourishing ingredients to support well-being.

I also offer weekly meal prep service here in Denver, Colorado. If you live in the area and need help making a healthy diet work for you, request a free 20-minute consultation on my Private Chef page.

What is a Nutrivore?

A nutrivore is a term that describes a person who seeks out and consumes nutrient-dense foods as the foundation of their diet. The word “nutrivore” is derived from the Latin word “nutri” meaning “to nourish” and “vore” meaning “to eat,” thus a nutrivore is someone who eats to nourish their body with the most nutrient-rich foods available.

Nutrivores are health-conscious individuals who understand the importance of whole, minimally processed foods for optimal health and wellness. They prioritize consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates over highly processed, sugar-laden foods. By focusing on nutrient-dense foods, nutrivores aim to provide their bodies with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients needed to thrive and maintain good health.

Why should I eat like a Nutrivore?

Nutrient Dense Foods

Nutrivores focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods that are packed with nutrients. By emphasizing fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, and other nutrient-dense foods that fuel the body.


A nutrivore diet can help improve your overall health and well-being by reducing inflammation, regulating blood sugar levels, and supporting a healthy gut microbiome.


Eating like a nutrivore can also be good for the planet. By choosing whole, unprocessed foods that are locally sourced and in season, you can reduce your carbon footprint and support sustainable agriculture practices.


Eating like a nutrivore doesn’t mean sacrificing taste or satisfaction. With an emphasis on fresh, whole ingredients and creative flavor combinations, you can enjoy a wide variety of delicious and satisfying meals.

Ready to start your journey to better health and nutrition?